Rosie’s Story

IMG_1521Rosie our inspirational, brave and courageous daughter was diagnosed with a high grade fast growing cancerous brain tumour (Meduloblastoma) in February 2012. Rosie endured nine hours of life threatening brain surgery followed by fifteen months of gruelling radiotherapy and chemotherapy. In May 2013 Rosie was classed as being in remission from this hateful disease.

After exactly one year from being classed as in remission a routine MRI in May 2014 showed Rosie’s cancer had returned. Rosie was offered pioneering ‘Stereotactic Radiosurgery’ also known as the ‘Cyber Knife’. Rosie endured yet another gruelling chemotherapy regime for a further 9 months. In January 2015 we were once again given the incredible news Rosie had beaten cancer for the second time and was in remission.

Our elation was short lived, a routine MRI in February 2015 just as celebratory plans were underway detected a further 2 brain tumours and possibly a lesion or scar tissue. Rosie endured a further 10 gruelling chemotherapy cycles. This chemotherapy was stopped as it made Rosie severely unwell.

Rosie underwent Stereotactic Radiosurgery for the second time in December 2015 and results were much better than anticipated, both tumours targeted had vanished. We were elated. Only to be told in March 2016 the lesion was in fact another tumour. Rosie underwent Stereotactic Radiosurgery for a third time followed by yet more gruelling chemotherapy. Rosie stayed positive and strong, always smiling despite this chemotherapy making her feel rubbish. Her tumour appeared to be shrinking.

Rosie became more unwell as the year went on and sadly in November 2016 we were given the news that Rosie’s cancer had developed more tumours and spread to her spine. Rosie received more radiotherapy to ease her pain.

We made a December to remember, 2016, granting Rosie’s every wish, meals out, visiting winter wonderland and Rosie even participated in an annual Christmas hack on her beloved horse.

Rosie lived until her body wouldn’t allow it any more. Our beautiful, inspirational and courageous baby girl Rosie, fell asleep forever…aged just 15…


Rosie’s light in our lives is out..

Rosie’s voice from our ears is stilled…

Rosie’s beautiful smile is gone…

A void which never can be filled…

Over the past five years, Rosie our horse-mad teen put her illness aside as she spearheaded multiple fundraising campaigns to raise money for other people in need.

In 2015 her incredible fundraising efforts in the face of adversity led to her being named the Child of Courage at the 2015 Pride of Coventry awards. Rosie was also named as one of BBC Radio One’s ‘Teen Heroes’ just months after picking up the Pride of Coventry Award. Radio bosses said the award was in recognition of her fund-raising which has seen her collect thousands of pounds for charities including Ronald McDonald House, The Little Princess Trust,  The Teenage Cancer Trust, Make-A-Wish UK, Cancer Research, Stand Up 2 Cancer, The Brain Tumour Charity and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September last year, Rosie wore her heart on her sleeve and shared candid accounts of her daily life via her own Facebook page “Raise for Rosie” that moved readers to laughter and tears.

Rosie endured far more than anyone should have to go through and her fortitude in the face of cruel adversity was truly inspirational.

This charity has been set up as her legacy.